Where We Stand

Where We Stand

15 proposals for adapting outdoor spaces for social distancing.


Creative agencies from around the world have envisioned how public spaces could be adapted to allow social distancing as part of the Where We Stand initiative organised by editor David Michon.

In total 15 design teams created ideas to transform their favourite outdoor areas into safe and welcoming spaces that people can use while social distancing.

The designers tackled spaces in the UK, USA, Germany, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore and France with ideas including a "Keep Your Distance" football pitch, parabolic conversation mirrors and grassy picnic mounds.

London-based Michon, who was formerly the editor of Icon magazine and managing editor of Monocle magazine, instigated the Where We Stand project in partnership with agency Ask Us For Ideas after personally being impacted by the closure of public spaces due to coronavirus....READ FULL ARTICLE HERE.