Connecting $1B+ valued OPENWEB with creative and brand masters COLLINS for a scale-focussed overhaul of their identity, positioning and digital world.

Brand Narrative – Visual and Verbal Identity – digital

OPENWEB came to us in 2019 known as SpotIM – they were a business that was successfully empowering publishers to host conversations and commentary through smart digital software. Out with the trolls and in with the meaningful discourse; they were all about human conversation and yet their identity was a million miles from that. We connected them with 4 agency possibilities, with COLLINS ultimately being chosen for the global brand re-imagining.

“There was always something about COLLINS that stood out for us when considering this partnership. They have an ability to humanise global tech brands in a way that few else can. They seem to be able to create iconic brand systems for businesses that are pushing the possibilities of scale, and yet also manage to speak, somehow, to the individual consumer.”


“With their new story, identity and voice, OPENWEB is on its way to fulfilling the promise of its name – creating a more open web to exchange ideas, civilly – and restoring more power to publishers along the way.”